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Finn Grace Ventures (“FG Ventures”) is primarily a Venture Capital Holding Corporation. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Finn Grace Ventures  through its subsidiaries, has invested in multiple and diverse business ventures. Furthermore, Finn Grace Ventures continues to look out for and invests in start-ups, business ventures and private companies that manifest double digit growth in fundamentals and provide a clear and present added value to the ecosystem. Finn Grace Venture’s interests span across the globe from Asia to investments in the European Union and the United States.

Finn Grace Ventures has created its private portfolio with investments across multiple sectors and industries. As previously mentioned, Finn Grace Ventures now holds investments in Indonesia-based companies (with value), stating that its market potential by numbers alone is about 50x the market of Singapore. Via another transaction, Finn Grace Ventures entered into newly developed and advanced technologies that were kept incubated in markets such as those found in the European region, but with the view that these technologies are to be immersed into more populated nations of which potential market is possibly larger than the countries in Europe.

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Strategic Objectives


Invest in industries and companies with good fundamentals, high growth potential, clear synergistic effects to current businesses, and implementable strategies.


Identify technologies that have been incubated in small markets and transplant these into larger and vast markets.


Deploy capital whilst providing exceptional returns to its stakeholders.


Ensure its ability to monetise its portfolio.


Ensure exit strategies are always available for each investment so there are always solutions.

Investment Strategy

Investment/ Transactional Strategy

Investment Instrument could be any of the following:

  1. Convertible Debt.
  2. Mezzanine with Equity Warrants.
  3. Equity Stake with Control Mechanism.
  4. Combination of Mezzanine and Equity.
  5. Funding.
  6. Preferred Debt/Equity.

Exit Mechanisms

  • IPO occurs anytime in certain years of investment.
  • Divestment of Equity after conversion of convertible debt.
  • Investment from other Equity Investors, who will take out the convertible debt first and/or mezzanine investment.
  • Internally Generated Cash flows from the invested company.
  • Refinancing via senior debt takeout via calling of buyback option specified in the original investment.
  • Sale of Private Equity Stake or Private Investment.



Payment Switching

AS Global Industries

Disruptive Defense Mechanism


System Integrator and Cyber Security

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